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Our Self-Paced Critical Thinking for Problem-
Solving and Decision-Making Course 

Take your critical thinking skills to the next level with this self-paced, online workshop. This course provides attendees with an excellent foundation and set of tools and techniques for critical thinking, problem solving, and decision making. You'll learn the critical thinking Framework and gain a toolset that you can immediately apply in your job and life. Start gaining the confidence to make the best decisions for yourself, your team, and your employees.

Our Self-Paced Course

Online Course

Self-Paced Critical Thinking Workshop 

Narrated by Mike Kallet, CEO Headscratchers and Author of Think Smarter

Video Lectures with Graphics
Downloadable PDFs
Practice Activities


Here is the introduction to the Free Preview
A sample lesson from the course

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Make Critical Thinking a core competency skill set for your career from Mike Kallet, HeadScratcher's CEO and Think Smarter's author!

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